In 2014 Harriet decided to step away from the computer screen and remove the telephone that was attached to her ear and go and see the world. Having lived in Bangkok and traveled around South East Asia and China, then living in California. It was time to jump back in and get in to working with businesses in the role that so many business owners need, giving guidance and practical support to reach the goals and success they deserve and Elevated Elephant Consulting was born. Why the name Elevated Elephant ?, its meaning is to lift you and your business with determination and strength ensuring luck and prosperity to all your new projects.

You will always be able to reach Harriet no matter what the problem , we are your extra pair hands when needed.


Elevated Elephant Consulting has been set up Harriet Dunn for property investors and small businesses. Harriet trained as a commercial property solicitor in the early 1990's,  and worked in the legal profession for over 20 years, including top regional corporate law firms. She ran her own niche property law firm specialising in all aspects of real estate.  With hands on experience of operating her own business and owning investment property during the booms and busts of market cycles.  She understands what it is like to do the job, manage staff, run the business and keep the customer happy whilst raising a family.

Harriet has been described in many ways, as a Coach - Consultant she brings her extensive knowledge and experience, a unique mix of flair, knowledge, awareness, sensitivity, intelligence, temperament and enthusiasm. And she cares!

She is a mother of two grown up children and four grandchildren, She entered the business world when it was not acceptable for a woman to wear trousers to work, when all women were assumed to be office support staff and men did not admit to feeling ill at work let alone admit they were tired because they had not slept due to a young baby. The opportunities that everyone has today to choose our own destinies through business, commerce and investments just did not exist with the ease that it does today. It is open to all to grab that opportunity and with the         support from Elevated Elephant Consulting and the will to triumph you can succeed in whatever enterprise you choose.