a PROFESSIONAL business consultANCY

When you are in business, or about to enter in to a new business relationship, setting up a new business, purchasing a new business, restructuring your company or looking to sell or getting ready to retire, there are many choices and options on the best way to proceed that will suit your personal circumstances.  It is often difficult to know what your choices are, or even what checks you should be doing or what questions to ask or where to turn for guidance.

Harriet the founder of Elevated Elephant Consulting spent over 20 years as a solicitor working with clients in these situations. Using her expertise she can assist you in the early stages of the decision making process and planning. SHE will work with you OFFERING practical GUIDANCE. TO ENABLE YOU TO negotiate effectively and plan wisely, thereby reducing your professional costs, speeding up your transactions and minimising the risk of projects going array.
The one on one personal support during the transaction gives you a sounding board for realistic and practical direction until conclusion of the deal.


With coaching & mentoring you will you build solid foundations to your business, then you are building for the long haul. To do so you will need the blueprint of procedures, workflows, budgets, achievable goals, business plans and thoughtful management. It is always good practice to review these regularly to keep up the momentum of business growth. An independent consultation and review provides an objective assessment of your business.

The implementation of the review with your mentor coach during the business consultation will vary for different business sectors and industries, however to give you an overview of the areas that we will focus on and put an action plan in place for are: 

  • Review of the structure of your business, sole trader , partnership or limited company
  • Review of your procedures
  • Suggestions on how to implement new procedures and work flow systems to increase efficiency and increase staff moral
  • Managing budgets, considering your price point
  • Premises -benefits of renting or buying
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Looking at the power of delegation
  • The use of networking
  • Core values of your business


As all things in life you may hit bumps in the road as things change, we will work with you to review your business, highlight the strengths and weaknesses and put in place an action plan to address any issues and develop strategies for improvement. This allows you to gain external, objective advice and recommendations for your business or help during a one-time project. There will be small changes you can make now that overtime can create exponential business growth with the help of your mentor on line. 

By taking informed steps with us you create the core business foundations before you approach a solicitor, I T consultant, marketer, accountant or financial advisor or sign an expensive lease for premises.

Together we will examine your business or project as a whole as opposed to only considering its component parts such as marketing, pricing and I.T. This enables you to make informed trade off decisions. It is best to do before you implement changes to avoid disjointed implementation that can be costly and ineffective.



"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him" – David Brinkley