The property sector for both commercial property and residential property investors and owners is full of jargon, you sometimes just can't get a straight answer to a straight question, that is when you need an independent property consultants, there are so many caveats and options and conflicting views that you just need a clear path of what your options are, combined with step by step guides to finding a resolution.

In the modern world accountants, solicitors and mortgage brokers are busy professionals and often they do not have the time to spend with you examining all the different scenarios or explaining the procedures. They will only look at their specialist area of expertise and leave you to weigh up the conflicting advice you receive. This is when you need our unique professional property service to help you look at the process as a whole, which will then enable you to make the decision on the best way to proceed that suits your circumstances.

Just a few of the areas we can help you with are:

  • If you have a problem with an existing property
  • If need help structuring any property transaction, commercial or residential
  • When you are taking or granting a new lease, do you need a common sense guidance before you incur legal costs
  • Review of title problems and ownership
  • Sensible technical guidance that considers not only the legal perspective of a transaction but will also takes in to consideration the                          finance together with liaising with your accountant for the tax implications
  • Perhaps you know what you want the end result to be, but you are unsure of the necessary steps to reach that goal, we can brainstorm 
  • If you don't understand what your solicitor is saying beat the legal jargon we can help
  • Searches , local, drainage and environmental with an explanation

                                                                                                              Your consultancy with us will take a well thought out and planned approach                                                                                                                 to your property business. Reducing your anxieties and minimising the time                                                                                                                 you have to spend dealing with professionals and the resulting costs. Most                                                                                                                 importantly enabling you to take control.

"In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash

will come later" – Harold Geneen


by independent property consultants ​


FOR COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY INVESTORS, commercial property owner occupiers