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Harriet trained as a commercial solicitor, and worked in the profession for over 20 years, including top regional corporate law firms. She ran her own niche property law firm specialising in all aspects of real estate, commercial contracts , acquisitions and sale of businesses, shareholders & partnership agreements & joint ventures. With hands on experience of operating her own business she understands what it is like to do the job, manage staff, run the business and keep the customer happy whilst raising a family. 
Harriet works closely with Lisa Smith of LS improve in deliverying these unique training courses, Lisa has a diverse background, she understands all sectors. Starting in retail, Lisa has learned the art of valuing customers and delivering their requirements and exceeding their expectations. Managing finances, she absorbed the value of the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and cash flow forecasts. In junior admin roles at a multi-million food processing company she learned the importance of systems, processes and compliance. As a clinician and senior manager in the NHS for 30 years she transferred the skills from the private commercial sector into the public sector and led National Transformation Projects across a number of specialties. 
Both Harriet and Lisa are trainers , speakers & mentors and combine their skills hard earned over many years to help you build a succesful business they both enjoy working with businesses and building lasting relationships of confidence and support. 
Harriet has been described in many ways as a Coach / Consultant. She brings her extensive knowledge and experience, a unique mix of flair, knowledge, awareness, sensitivity, intelligence, temperament and enthusiasm. And she cares! 
There are opportunities for everyone to choose our own destinies through business, commerce and investments, grab that opportunity and with the support from Elevated Elephant and the will to triumph you can succeed in whatever enterprise you choose. 
Why the name Elevated Elephant ?, its meaning is to lift you and your business with determination and strength ensuring luck and prosperity to all your new projects. 
"Members of the elephant herd show loyalty, sympathy and an extreme sense of cooperation with one another. This is particularly evident when the herd needs to defend itself against attackers or rival herds, in major decisions that need to be made on the herd's behalf.... There is a definite sense of mutual altruism, even among elephants who are not family members" 
This is the support that you will receive when joining our herd, be part of the Elevated Elephant business community. We have at our heart ethics and the desire to create a happier less stressful working environment for business owners enabling all of us to enjoy our work lives and find personal success and prosperity. 
Contact Harriet to find out more about how we can help with growing your business or Book on to our Taster Course to find out how to launch your successful new business 
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