You Have 7 Seconds to Impress… Monday 3rd June, 2.30pm to 4.30pm Cave Castle Hotel 

A Humber Business Week Event 
Competition in the world of business is fierce so making a good first impression is vital - it can be the difference between impressing clients and winning contracts or being left out in the cold. This is the age of information overload – make a great impression quickly or be deleted from memory instantly! 
Improving your personal and business image is a simple way to enhance a potential customer, employer, colleague or client’s first opinion of you and can reinforce your reliability and competence in your field of expertise. It’s not enough to be ‘an expert’…these days, EVERYONE’s AN EXPERT!  
Your knowledge skills and experience count for nothing if you can’t get someone interested in you in the first place, you are being judged! Constantly! just as you are judging others. 

What You'll Learn 

It’s not just about your logo, your marketing material, or your slogan. It’s about YOU. You are your living, breathing BRAND – everywhere you go, what you say, how you say it; what you do, how you do it; how you look, how you OWN it! It is essential that you make your first 7 seconds a memorable encounter – for all the right reasons! 
Do you present yourself with POWER! Sharp and corporate or relaxed and arty – what’s your style? What do your clients expect? Sharp AND relaxed? If your business is going to survive, your brand needs to scream that it’s worth doing business with you! 
This - often overlooked part of business interaction is the KEY to unlocking business potential! How many smart looking, sophisticatedly dressed folk do you know who are MAKING IT – despite not being as EXPERT as YOU? You can do better than that! 
Come and join us for a light hearted but IMPACTFUL session on PRESENTING YOURSELF WITH POWER! 
From your personal brand , to ‘meeting and greeting’ to ‘thank you and follow up;’ from ‘handshakes to business cards’ and ‘phone calls to emails,’ we will explore the WINNING ways of being positive, professional and confident and ensuring your messages speak with clear and concise COMMUNICATION. 
Special Guests 
VIP Creative, Creative Video Producers. See them in action: 
"40% of all nerve fibres connected to the brain are linked to the retina."  
This makes visual stimulation one of the key factors for you and your business.  
Who is the event aimed at? 
Here at BYB Training, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build – from business associates to a network of friends. 
This free event is a light hearted, interactive session, aimed at all business owners new and established or aspiring entrepreneurs as a health check on the affect that their personal Brand and communication style, is or may be having on their business interactions.  

When & Where? 

Monday 3rd June 
14:30 - 16:30 
Cave Castle Hotel and Country Club, Church Hill, South Cave, HU15 2EU 
Free Parking Available 

How To Book Reserve Your Place Now... 

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Call Us: 
Harriet Dunn 07827 324627 
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