Considering starting a business now or in the near future? 
A small business ready to grow and would like practical help and guidance? 
Have an idea that you want to turn in to a successful business? 
Interested in helping a key employee to develop and become more involved in the growth of your business? 
Looking for an extra income stream you can do at the weekends or turn your hobby in to a business? 
Unhappy doing what you are doing now & would like to explore self employment 
We all work hard to create careers, acquire academic qualifications, build brands and businesses, we need to make sure that our businesses can run and be profitable without us being physcially or mentally present 24 / 7. That if we choose to sell, the business is saleable, that we have content and motivated staff to make our work place and work experience enjoyable for our teams and customers. 
Every business needs a clear plan or strategy, whichever word you prefer, what it actually means is that any time you want to take a holiday, take time away when you are ill you can. That you are able to sell your business at a time you choose and that your business has a value that is not related to your personal name/ skills. This is important for your life work balance, income if you want to retire or choose to work fewer hours but maintain your income. 
Part of the plan is to limit your personal liablity, as far as you can, by structuring your business , borrowing, leases, insurances to make sure that in the unfortunate event your business fails your personal assets are not affected. It is all about protecting your family and look at the long game. 
It is that long game, our goals that means we need to acquire income generating assets, property is one of those options. 
So what do I do ? I work with Lisa Smith as part of Build Your Business Training, you will find our details here to provide business training and consulting to create the business I have talked about.. 
My additional specialism is Commercial Property, acquisition, structuring , leasing , strategies; profit , cash flow. When you assessing the viablity of project before you incur the cost of an expensive professional time I will help you put your a clear strategy in place for your purchase, or even if it is a property you already own and are thinking of converting or have a problem with I can help. 


A FULL day Boot Camp for new and aspiring business owners & entrepeneurs. Designed specifically for start-up businesses, fledglling entrepreneurs and growing small businesses. The one day course, with business guides covers a wide range of subjects and provide a clear understanding of the required foundations for a successful business, combined with practical knowledge of the real business world. 
It's hands-on proactive training with humour and audience participation. The full day Build a Business Workshop is a foundation course designed to enable you to know what to do, to ensure your business survives the early years and thrives long term. It will give you the confidence to face the fear of running your own business that holds so many people back, and at the same time will provide a blueprint for your Business. Our workshops are held in small groups. We cover key subjects with business guides. This is suitable for you if you are completely new to self employment or have taken the leap and need help and direction. It's all about how to make money, not work hard! 
We'll provide links and contacts to Business Networking groups, accountants, lawyers, social media managers and we'll help build your new network and contacts.  

we cover 

What’s Your ‘Why?’ 
Mindset & Motivation 
Combating Negativity 
Goal & Milestone Setting 
Business Premises - Where To Trade From 
Marketing – Finding Your Customer 
Legal Considerations of Establishing A Business (Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company) 
Personal Financial Management 
Creating Your Business Plan 
Funding & Finance 
Finances – P&L, cashflow , budgets 
Working with your Team 
Trading terms , customers & suppliers 
Time Management 
Systems & Procedures 
Action Planning 
Your Power Team 


If you just want to find out what it's all about and if starting a business is for you, then come to one of our half day taster workshops. 
Here's an idea of the areas we cover  
Will your idea work as a business ? 
Who do you need on your team ? 
Starting your Business Plan 
Are you ready ? 
Finding the time, work - life balance 
Getting organised 
Will it make money ? 
Motivation & Goal Setting 
Check lists & Action Plan 
Your 30 second pitch 
Funding & finance 
Where to trade from 
Do you need a Ltd Company ? 


Buying & Selling a Business of any size needs planning & structuring. This one-day course gives you the check lists and direction to ensure that when buying a business or a franchise that you minimise the stress and problems that can derail the transaction. We cover the key questions to ask the Seller to ascertain that what you are buying is worth the price you are paying. 
Goals & Objectives 
A clear of idea of the potential pitfalls of buying an existing business 
What questions to ask the Seller 
How to structure a purchase 
How to assess the viability of the business 

Business Growth Workshops 

To keep it affordable & relevent to you, we offer business growth workshops, these are held in small groups in workshop style and will look at topic in more depth. 
Either half day & full day sessions , with support material & contact to local businesses to help you build your network & contacts. 
If you there is a particular area of support you need extra help with, we can provide these courses for you on a one to basis or for a group , just ask us 
Setting up your business – your options - partnership, limited company, sole trader 
Being organised - time management  
Funding & Finances – P&L, Balance Sheet, cashflow  
7 seconds to impress - Your Brand 
Powerful Presenting / Confident Speaking 
Problem Solving & Improving Your Processes 
Knowing Your Market – Finding Your Customer 
Mindset, Motivation & Attitude 
Getting the Most From Conversations/Meetings 
Working with investors 
Personal Resilience/Self awareness/Reducing stress 
Mindset & Motivation & Combating Negativity 
Goal & Milestone Setting  
Marketing – finding Your Customer & Clinching the Deal 
Project Management 
Leading Your Team & Understanding People and Their Learning Styles 
VAT , HMRC, Tax - we try and make this fun 
Trading – terms and conditions, public and consumers 
Flying the nest - taking on a lease, buying premises 
Employees or Contractors 
Trading terms with your clients & suppliers 
Thinking differently  
Personal Resilience/Self Awareness/Reducing Stress 
Thinking Differently 
Working With Others – Joint Ventures, Legal Agreements, business partners 

Monthly Support  

One 2 One support available 
Monthly Brainstorming sessions 
Build & Grow your business 
Discounts on the workshops 
Monthly Training Courses 
She did not try to fit my business and myself into some box that would make me uncomfortable. 
She was always calm and willing to listen, but also observant enough to know when to get me outside off my comfort zone in order for me to grow and develop as a person and a business owner. I felt she always had the utmost respect for me and this allowed me to connect with her approach and style when it came to knowledge transfer and learnings. 
I’d always shied away from personal development and even more so when it came to grow a business, but Harriet made the information clear and logical. And she always provided a strong case for want she wanted me to do. “Thank you Harriet!” 
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